About Us

Kube Cuisines is a Food & Beverage enterprise that has set sail to become a global leader through excellence, innovation, franchise partnership and strategic acquisitions. With many International Food & Beverages brands already having a presence in the country, the company is currently working on to bring more reputed Global brands to the Indian market.

Having its feet bonded with strong ethics and traditional values, Kube Cuisines focuses on innovation, global competitiveness and leadership to expand its business in India and abroad.

Kube Cuisines envisions to be one of the fastest growing branded Food and Beverage Company through globally trusted brands, with a commitment to health and wellness, and passionate on supplying creative, customized and commercially viable products and services to its customers.

Kube Cuisines was conceptualized to exist and run its business as an organisation on the basis of strong values and ethics. A fundamental aspect was giving back to the society thereby bridging the trust between all stakeholders involved such as consumers, employees and the communities that we operate in.

The three core values that underpins the way we do our business are:


We conduct our business fairly and with honesty and transparency.


We strive to set benchmarks and the highest possible standards in terms of operation and the products and services we deliver.


The creation of an organisation fostered around its people where our customers and employees come first before being embroiled in tenets of profitability and bottom line statements.

In this respect, we work cohesively with our customers in all spheres, our colleagues in departments, and our partners across the globe in building strong relationships based on understanding, mutual cooperation, loyalty and tolerance.

"Corporate social responsibility is a hard-edged business decision. Not because it is a nice thing to do or because people are forcing us to do it... because it is good for our business"

Niall Fitzgerald, Former CEO, Unilever
Our CSR standards is summarized into two categories:

Education & Empowerment

Education and empowerment is a very critical aspect of our CSR policies. We adopt and impart programs and activities that allow participants to break the cycle of illiteracy and learn viable and marketable life long skills to alleviate the status of themselves as well as their families. This in turn transforms their lives from mere to meaningful existence.

Environmental Sustainability

We try and put in a system of checks and balances and adopts business decisions that in turn reduces the adverse effect of our activities on the environment. Being in the manufacturing industry, environmental sustainability is something we take seriously and formulate strategies with industry veterans to help in the creation of a sustainable company in the future.