Kube Cuisines runs its divisions as separate business models to create, deliver and capture value in terms of reaching out to customers, product segregation, pricing, sales & support.

This strategy has been adopted to establish a clear chain of operation providing enhanced self confidence and autonomy to employees thereby empowering them to take on ownership of their respective divisions, set benchmarks and achieve exceptional results.

Flagship Brands

Kube Cuisines owns and operates its own flagship brands by drawing inspiration from the lay of the land and the use of local ingredients in cohesion with traditional and contemporary international techniques of food preparation.

We identify businesses in and provide them with equity while retaining technical know-how and manpower. We also identify new markets for these ventures and work on a model promoting sustainability.


Kube Cuisines identifies and affiliates with national and international QSR brands keen on establishing their footprint in the Indian subcontinent through business structures such as partnerships or joint ventures designed specially for the establishment of their outlets in the region.

Donut House

Inception: Donut House was established in April, 2011 and is already cooking up a storm in Chennai with Nine Successful outlets in the city with regional outlets located in Hyderabad, Bangalore & Kottayam to name a few !

Overview: Our tag line says it all - Go Nuts Over Donuts! Right from the never-get-tired Chocolate Donuts, to Raspberry Donuts, Custard Donuts, Oreo Donuts, Strawberry Donuts, Irish Coffee Donuts, Glazed Donuts, the list just goes on and on! Every Donut of ours is individually designed and is filled with the rich, good taste. To give you peek into the creation of these round delights, we present to you a live and open kitchen, where you can see the process from dough to Donut! Our team of cheery Donut makers is hard at work to bring to you the finest, lip smacking donuts in the country, and you get to see them creating it from scratch!

Motto: Indulge!

Location: Pazhoor Plaza, Opp. MG College, Kesavadasapuram, Trivandrum.

Wholesale & Retail Trading

Kube Cuisines is associated with and represents a selected range of contract food manufacturers across Europe & the Asia Pacific.

This allows us to source and trade in high quality food products for our clients catering to a wide range of markets which are manufactured using superior technology, research and expertise. Our international alliance of supply chain and logistics partners allows us to deliver goods to clients ensuring speed and accuracy.